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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Your IT Consulting Business: Tips for Getting Your First Clients

Looking for the initial clients for your IT consulting business can be a challenging task, but not impossible if you have the right plan in place and are following it very carefully. The following tips can help you out significantly as you start own company.

Tip 1: Create a Plan of Action to Get You Ready for Clients

You need to complete the following tasks before looking for clients for your IT consulting business:

1. Choose a start-up date;

2. Print business cards;

3. Tell everyone you know about your new IT consulting business;

4. Get some reference accounts;

5. Get strong referrals.

Tip 2: Volunteer to Get Clients

Getting your first clients can be as easy as doing a closed-end volunteer job with an organization in which you believe strongly. Just make sure you put a cap on the work you do, or you could get someone taking advantage of you before you’ve even really started your IT consulting business in earnest!

Tip 3: Make an Offer to an Organization

You need to make a compelling offer to an organization for a closed-ended volunteer job and make sure the two of you make an agreement to get something valuable in return. For example, say, “I’m going to really do a great job upgrading your PC or your Web site! Here’s what you can do for me – can you give me a reference letter and also be available to take the occasional phone call from prospective clients and be a strong reference for me? Also, could you introduce me to some qualified leads for my IT consulting business that are active in your organization and own their own businesses and might benefit from my computer services?”

A director or office manager for a non-profit organization will know which board members have been complaining about computer problems or any other technical issues.

Volunteering is a great way to get new clients!

Today we talked about some tips you can use to get your first IT consulting business clients. To learn more about this topic, visit the attached link!

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