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Monday, September 22, 2008

Balance Your Computer Services Business Portfolio

In order to have a strong computer services business, you need to balance your portfolio. What does this mean? Basically, you need to keep 70% (or more!) of your business sweet spot small businesses with 10-50 computers. You can keep a very small amount of your business geared towards home networks and consumers and a few larger small business clients, but you will achieve the best balance if you focus on the sweet spot small business side.

No Matter What, DIVERSIFY

No matter what you do with your computer services business portfolio, you need to DIVERSIFY. This means that no single one of your clients can account for more than ten percent of your computer consulting revenue.

What’s the theory? If you’re getting most of your money from one source and then lose that client for any reason, you could potentially lose a LOT of revenue and have a hard time bouncing back!

Fire Your Bad Computer Services Business Clients

While you may not think firing a client is a good idea, sometimes you just have to do it. There are some problem clients of your computer services business that will just not be worth the trouble. They will drive you and your staff crazy and you might even LOSE staff over the ordeal. These types of clients eventually need to be cut loose. But if you make problem clients too big a part of your roster, you will end up having a really hard time firing them.

Your Ideal Clients Are Your Focus with Your Computer Services Business

You need to make room for ideal clients and just say “No” to those that are verbally abusive, harass you, cause you too much stress and generally are impossible. If you have enough really good, long-term, steady, HIGH-PAYING clients you will be able to replace the bad ones much more easily and will not waste time “reforming” anyone.

Today we talked about how to diversify and balance your computer services business portfolio. To learn more about this subject, visit the attached link!

Added By: Joshua Feinberg