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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Start an IT Business with 5 Helpful Tips

Before you start an IT business, you need to make sure you’re organized and know where you are going. Which steps do you need to accomplish your goal of getting started?

Tip 1: Print Your Business Cards

In order to start an IT business, you need to get business cards printed, even if you don’t think your company name or any other details will stick. If you decide to change your contact information or business name in six months, you can just get them reprinted. But you HAVE to get momentum going by handing out business cards to friends and family members.

Tip 2: Get the Word Out

When you are in networking situations as you start an IT business, you need to talk about your venture and hand out business cards. People at your church, synagogue, at the movies, at your kids’ soccer games, anywhere can become a part of your extended sales force, so you need to seize the opportunity.

Tip 3: Get Active in Your Business Community

You need to start getting involved in local organizations for business owners to give yourself organized networking opportunities when you start an IT business. Look for three or four fitting local trade groups such as your chamber of commerce or a related user group or industry-specific trade group.

Tip 4: What Do You Know?

When you are starting your IT business, you should start where you know and branch out from there. If you start with a niche you already know, you’ll have some credibility and an easier time creating a strong marketing message that really hits home. You will have an easier time being remembered because you won’t look like every other generalist and will offer something unique.

Tip 5: Think about Your Prospects

As you choose your niche, you need to make sure there are enough prospects in it to sustain you. For example, if you decide to focus on doctors’ offices in your local area, you need to research to make sure you have at least 500-1,000 prospects that fit into that category within an hour radius of your location. Another way to find-tune your niche and specialty and communicate it to prospects is to put an industry focus in your name, in this case, “health care systems,” “medical office systems” or “medical office technology.”

Today we talked about 5 tips to help you as you start an IT business. To learn more about this topic, visit the attached link.

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