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Monday, September 08, 2008

A Computer Repair Class: How Can You Find One?

While technical skills often are, surprisingly often not as important to starting a computer consulting business or computer repair business as business skills and people skills, they still are necessary in order to best serve your clients … but where do you find a computer repair class when you need one?

Many computer repair technicians serving small businesses mistakenly think they need to spend hours of time and a lot of money on expensive certifications and very formal classes. However, this is not often the case, as most small business owners will actually look down on extensive certifications and lofty qualifications; it means they will think they need to pay you more for your services or that you are overly qualified to handle simple problems.

Look at the Skills of Your Competitors before Seeking out a Computer Repair Class

Computer skills are important for you and the staff of your small business computer repair company, and when you are deciding which computer class to take in the time you have allotted for training and skills development, you have to look at which skills your competitors have.

What will a small business computer repair company need to know?

1. Some necessary networking platforms: Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS); Novell Small Business Suite or Novell NetWare; Linux (usually RedHat); Mac OS.

2. Advanced expertise in the following areas: Network Attached Storage (NAS); Storage Attached Networks (SANs); complex security solutions; CheckPoint firewalls; Citrix Terminal solutions; high-end Wi-Fi solutions; managed hardware.

Keep in mind that VERY advanced computer skills are only necessary once you start selling computer repair services to a real IT manager, which usually happens only the case of large small businesses. For the “sweet spot” of small business computer consulting (10-50 PCs), you really only need one or two entry-level certifications and to be working towards an MCSE or its equivalent.

Look for a Computer Repair Class

Once you decide what it is your clients need for their businesses and how your current skills fit into the picture, you can search for a computer repair class that suits you. Thankfully, there are many viable options that don’t involve going to a real “classroom,” such as on-line classes and seminars, tele-seminars and study courses that you can complete, even while sitting in your pajamas at home or between appointments with your customers and clients!

Today we talked about which skills you need and how to find a computer repair class that suits your needs. To learn more about this subject and many others related to business development, visit the attached link!

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