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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Computer Business Symantec Offers Help for Confused Clients

Symantec Corp is making plans to deal with customer complaints about its confusing licensing plans. The computer business has created what they are calling a “database security appliance” set to ship later in 2006. This announcement was made at the computer business’ annual “Vision” conference.

CEO John Thompson confirmed rumors that Symantec has no short-term plans to create either authentication or ID management systems. While more details to confirmed improvements to licensing are going to be released soon, the company added it is also going to create a free license management tool. Later in the summer it will release a processor-based licensing program for the Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server software.

Thompson stated that he knows despite improvements, there will still be complaints from clients.

The computer business is set to finish a merger with Veritas Software Corp.’s back-end financial systems in December. This will help improve the licensing management for customers, but Thompson is unwilling to make any lofty promises.

The annual Vision conference was supposed to address Veritas user issues, but like last year’s conference became a discussion of licensing schemes. Spokespeople from the computer business assured customers the new products had either already shipped or would be shipping very soon. Improvement of security in all Symantec’s programs and services is in the works as well.

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