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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Preparing to Hire a Computer Consulting Firm

If as a professional you determine that your business could use the support of a good computer consulting firm, there are some basic questions to think about when interviewing and choosing prospects. The most important thing is to get the basics out of the way first, which probably includes consulting your lawyer about the legal issues surrounding hiring contractors as opposed to internal employees. But once you get past that phase, the following question guidelines, offered by Computer Consulting 101 will help you screen potential computer consulting companies in your area:

1. “Are you part-time or full-time?”
2. “Do you have a day job? Are you moonlighting?”
3. “Do you work alone, or are you a true computer consulting company?”
4. “Who does the ‘we’ refer to?”
5. “Are your other consultants employees or contractors? Tell me something about their background and the role they will play in this account.”
6. “Will I be getting a small business or large company computer consulting experience?”
7. “What size is your typical client? How many PCs and employees does it have and what is the annual revenue?”
8. “Are you a generalist or a specialist?”
9. “What industries or markets have you worked in, and in what specific software applications?”
10. “What kinds of products, services, platforms, etc. are you not comfortable working with, and are you closely tied to any specialty hardware, software or services companies?”

Added By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit