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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Solution Providers Note Fall of Spyware Company

Solution providers were glad to find that a spyware distributor that had been flagged of its use of rootkits to make the software hard to delete has been shut down. The reason was said to be due to dissatisfaction with its distribution partners, but was not entirely specific.

The company, ContextPlus had long plagued solution providers by spreading spyware and adware, such as software that took over many searches and programs and had inundated systems with pop-up ads. The message that the company had shut down was posted on its website.

Finnish security vendor F-Secure stated that ContextPlus has been a parrt of many rootkit infections affecting Windows users. In December 2005, the vendor stated that the spyware had been the most predominantly found type since October of last year.

Unlike many other malware and spyware programs, ContextPlus was using rootkits to make it nearly impossible for anti-spyware software to stop installation of software on a PC and also to delete it once installed. Normally rootkits that solution providers find simply hide spyware and adware programs.

Rootkits have become a real issue for anti-spyware programs and will become an even larger one in the future according to experts. In April McAfee stated that rootkit use had gone up 600 percent in the past three years, and that by 2008 most spyware will be using rootkits to hide from security software and solution providers.

ContextPlus is one of hopefully many spyware purveyors that will soon come under the gun. Many court cases recently have started to uncover these companies and attempt to prosecute them for their frustrating and destructive tactics.

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