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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IT Consulting Survey Shows Popularity of In-Sourcing

A recent IT consulting 2006 Skills Survey survey conducted by polled 1,198 individuals and asked what they would do when outsourced IT projects do not meet their expectations. Many responded that in-sourcing helps to resolve relationships centered on outsourcing. Over two-thirds of those polled stated that in-sourcing was the best way to get IT consulting projects done and improve experiences with important projects.

Headlines have recently cropped up about the number of companies that are in-sourcing and bringing outsourced projects given to IT consulting firms back in-house. Company Boots stated last week that it would be taking 100 IT jobs in-house as part of their amended contract with IBM.

Of the job titles surveyed in the Skills Survey, the ones most in favor of in-sourcing were IT professionals. In fact, 77 percent stated that in-sourcing is the best way to quickly and efficiently deal with failed outsourcing projects. Of course, it is the IT professionals whose jobs would be most affected by in-sourcing and outsourcing, so this response is not surprising.

CIOs and IT directors were next on the list in their support for in-sourcing projects, and 74 percent were in favor of this shift. IT consultants were next on the list with 63 percent support.

Board directors and other C-level executives including CEOs were not as excited about in-sourcing. Only half of the respondents stated they thought it was the best way to resolve issues with outsourcing. This response could be due to the fact that they are typically responsible for answering to stockholders when the deal goes bad.

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