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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Solution Providers and System Builders Annoyed by Microsoft Pricing

Systems builders and solutions providers recently expressed frustration with the high operating system and software costs associated with Microsoft. During a session with system builders, the scene got heated when they brought up the issue of the price difference between tier one vendors and the system builders channel. The session was hosted by CRN Editor in Chief Heather Clancy and Digital Connect Editor Jefff O’Heir.

Many solution providers are beginning to recommend Linux products over Microsoft because of the steadily increasing prices. They noted that on a $500 to $700 desktop PC, the Microsoft license can be the greatest cost. Solution providers are recommending Linux desktops because they are more stable than those provided by Microsoft inn embedded settings, and they also provide both Intel and AMD processors, giving professionals more than one option.

The complaint over Microsoft pricing is not new in the world of system builders and solution providers. Many have noted that Microsoft gives better prices and treatment to major computer businesses such as Dell at the expense of smaller companies. Recently complaints have grown because of increased pressure to bring in more revenue and competition from emerging computer businesses.

The pricing issue at this particular session arose after Novell displayed the features of a Linux desktop alternative called Suse Linux Enterprise 10. Some panelists and experts at the conference agreed that system builders and solution providers should start trying to make themselves better rather than accuse specific vendors of poor pricing methods.

All agreed that education on different vendors and products was the key to providing the best services to clients and companies, and that solution providers should take a proactive stance to make sure they are selecting the appropriate systems and products for their clients depending on their business and needs.

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