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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Good Website is Critical in the IT Consulting Business

When you are just starting out in the IT consulting business, you need a website. Potential clients will know whether you are full time and in the IT consulting business for the long haul or just trying it on for size by the quality of your website.


You should keep your website in IT consulting very simple, which means you shouldn’t use flash and other advanced design techniques because you will not get good search engine spidering and also annoy people in the process. It should only be four or five pages in the beginning.


Your IT consulting website should have a homepage, then a page that talks about the benefits and solutions your firm offers. You should also include a bio page detailing your background.


You should not hide your face when designing an IT consulting business website. Make sure your name is attached to the site, and even consider putting your picture in plain view. Audio options can also build a stronger connection with prospective clients. The most important idea is to make sure your website says who you are as the owner of the IT consulting business.


When starting an IT consulting business and designing the website, you should make sure you have a contact form on the site, and even a links page where you can share links with other businesses in your area. You can also add a hidden referral page on the site to make it easy to point prospects and others in the proper direction.

When designing your IT consulting business website, write it in a way that will appeal to the small business owner. You should focus on the benefits you can bring to their business plan.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg