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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Computer Business Microsoft Offers New Enterprise Help

Computer business Microsoft recently re-released a clarified security advisory about Word XP and Word 2003 to help enterprises, stating that it would provide a permanent fix for the problem on June 13 and offering another way for users to protect themselves. This advisory was released Friday and now has more details about how corporations can protect themselves against security problems by running Word in safe mode.

Spokesperson and program manager for the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Stephen Toulouse approved the process of editing the Windows registry so Word will run in a restricted mode, an approach that was discovered by an independent researcher that released an unapproved fix for the problems two weeks ago.

With most of the malicious attacks, computer business Microsoft experts have discovered that using the “Basic User” Software Restriction Policy is the best way to prevent malware because it works for many different types of malware.

A January 2005 article on the computer business Microsoft’s official site explains how to run specific applications in restricted mode. While this procedure certainly is not meant to be a permanent solution, it is a good interim quick fix to use until permanent solutions to the problem are released.

This latest vulnerability, called the “zero-day” vulnerability is not a universal threat because it has only so far been used in extremely targeted attacks.

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