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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Computer Business News: Venture Capitalists Choose Open Source Software

In a computer business news magazine reporting on a meeting in London between three top venture capitalist firms, experts announced that open source software would be the best idea for venture capital firms that had before been licensing software. All three firms had invested in open source previously and would continue to go in that direction because of the changing market.

Experts and venture capitalists in the computer business state that open source is a relatively new model and will be a lasting software development type that will stick, making it hard for professionals in the future to keep relying on the closed source market. Open source delivers better code because of more comprehensive testing, greater and faster ability for innovation and requests for more new features by many companies. Open source is also more affordable for companies.

Top venture capitalist firm Index has been supporting and investing in open source business intelligence vendors for a while now. Major vendors of open source software within the computer business include Pentaho, SourceLabs, PHP products provider Zend, MySQL and Linux specialist Trolltech. Index is not the only firm stepping up involvement with open source software. Computer Business Review noted that in recent years over $500 million had been invested across 40 open source vendors.

Experts agree that open source is fast moving from simply a space to a category in the industry, acting as an important part of business trends. Venture capitalist companies will have to all be involved in the open source market in order to stay involved with software companies in the future and continue to see increased business.

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