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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Computer Consulting Business: The First Things Sweet Spot Clients Seek

If you are offering B2B service in the computer consulting business, your best, or sweet spot clients are companies that have 10-50 PCs and $1-$10 million in revenue. Sweet spot clients are usually looking for the following qualities in a computer consulting business: response time; technical and business knowledge; customer service and price or value. The top two elements are typically what companies look for first.


The more necessary IT is to a small business, the more likely the company will be to put response time at the top of the list of important elements of a computer consulting firm. Because downtime means lost money, the amount of time a computer consulting business takes to handle an urgent IT need o even an emergency is paramount.


Your computer consulting business employees are more than just technicians capable of responding quickly to problems. Your business and industry knowledge as a firm will be incredibly vital. Your employees should understand clients’ specific industry and niche, because sweet spot clients will want technology providers capable of solving business problems in conjunction with technical problems. They will want a total solution that has their best interests in mind.

Your computer consulting business will become the outsourced IT department for sweet spot clients. You will end up dealing with hardware and software support along with issues dealing with LAN and WAN. As a responsible computer consulting business for sweet spot clients, you will have to be able to offer complete solutions.

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