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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Computer Consulting Businesses are Labor-Intensive Endeavors

Starting a computer consulting business takes a great deal of time and involves a lot of activities. You have to go to meetings, talk to people and make many follow-up calls. Ads and direct mail campaigns do not replace the personal touch communicated by connecting person-to-person. Having a realistic attitude about starting your computer consulting business will help you succeed.


Just because you decide to open up a franchise with pre-established policies and images does not mean you have ready-made clients. And buying a business already in operation with existing clients is a lot more expensive. Even the purchase of a small computer consulting business could cost a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars.


If you start your own computer consulting firm, you can do so inexpensively for a few thousand dollars. You will need a business phone number and voice mail, a cell phone, business cards and legal licenses and registrations. You will want to consult an attorney and an accountant and get insurance. Many times you can start from a home office.


When you buy a franchise, you give away some control. You have to do things in specific ways according to set rules, and you can’t stray very far from the guidelines. Your company pays the franchiser a percentage of the annual revenue until the end of time. And you lose some control over taking your computer consulting business in new directions.

As someone starting a computer consulting business, you have some options. You can star an independent consulting firm, buy a franchise or buy a pre-established business. Just keep in mind that a totally new computer consulting business will require more work than money.

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