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Saturday, August 26, 2006

More Seminar Tips for Solution Providers

Training seminars can be an integral part of any marketing strategy for solution provider. But hosting a successful seminar requires hard work and careful planning. The following is a list of tricks you can use to help get the most out of you training seminars as solution providers:

1. The content of the training seminar should be fun for participants. Get the audience involved in the process by asking questions and encouraging attendees to share information with each other.

2. Offer handouts at the training seminar that has your company information on it. Leave blank spaces on the paper and encourage participants to take notes on the paper so they may be more likely to feel it is their own and they will save it.

3. Invite your favorite clients to the training seminars for solution providers. They will appreciate being asked and will most likely share positive experiences with you with other seminar attendees. There’s a chance you will be able to use some testimonials in your presentation.

4. Practice delivery of the materials. If you have speaking anxiety, join an organization like Toastmasters and practice speaking until you feel less frightened of the experience. Even if you don’t plan on hosting a training seminar, as a solution provider you should still practice speaking to improve your group presentations and better marketing activities.

5. Drum up demand for your solution providers training seminars by speaking at various events like Chamber of Commerce breakfasts or Rotary meetings.

6. Ask clients if they know people that want to attend your training seminar. The people they find will be more likely to trust you because of their involvement with someone that knows your services well.

7. Invite all members of your contact list as solution providers to your seminar through postcards, email and phone calls.

8. Put advertising inserts about your training seminar in your newsletters.

9. Rent target lists for a direct mail campaign to increase the success of your training seminar.

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