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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How to Get Favorable Media Publicity

You want to create media publicity because it is a free way to get some typically expensive exposure. Once you get media publicity, you can continue to use it now and in the future. The following ways can help get reporters on your side and give you the most favorable coverage:

1. Expose yourself as an expert in order to get good media publicity. You should go to seminars and join committees to increase your community profile.

2. When approached by the media, make yourself stand out by communicating a unique angle. Your ideas will be more quotable and you will get recognized above other experts.

3. Always treat the media respectfully and professionally. Return phone calls and emails as soon as you can, since the media publicity typically is awarded to the first two of ten experts reporters approach.

4. Create friendly relationships with reporters that typically cover your industry. Since many seek out media publicity, you have to be proactive about establishing good relationships with those that might call you so they will call you more often.

5. Don’t let stories be all about you. Sometimes you can approach the media with news of interest in your industry, prompting reporters to come to you in the future for your advice and opinions.

6. Get creative about media publicity by giving inside looks at your IT world.

No matter how you go about getting media publicity, you have to keep persevering even if you don’t get attention right away. Similarly, once you get on the front page of a newspaper after months of pitching a media publicity idea, don’t expect to have people calling you constantly. You may only get a few inquiries and a few calls to congratulate you. The most important part of media publicity is strengthening credibility, not getting more sales.

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