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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Business Start-Up: Get Your Name Out There

You have to be creative during new business start-up and think of ways to tempt people to give you a chance.

A lot of times, the earliest clients are friends of the family and other family members; but in reality, you should avoid this type of business during the business start-up phase. Without distance from people, you will have a hard time doing business; when things go sour or expectations are wrong, dealing with those close to you is very challenging.

Ideas For Getting Clients During Business Start-Up

1. Put together a “who knows that you are starting a new business” list. This list can help track all business contacts you make before, during and after business start-up.

2. Include people that SHOULD know you are starting a new business on the initial “who knows that you are starting a new business” list. Fill this in by asking each contact with whom you speak if he/she can refer someone. Referrals are key, so make sure to ask contacts to let you know when they hear someone complaining about technology.

3. When you talk to a contact during business start-up, come up with a way to keep your name in-mind. A tech support sticker is a great way to accomplish this goal. Ask contacts to put stickers on their computers and give each person three extra stickers to pass onto friends and colleagues.

4. The must-have item when you are in the business start-up phase is a good business card. Hand out business cards whenever you deem it appropriate to get your name out there and keep it on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Getting new clients isn’t easy, but you can rely on your current contacts to bring in referrals. Train contacts to listen for people with tech problems and let them know you are engaged in business start-up.

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