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Monday, November 13, 2006

Seminar Topics: Focus on Business Instead of IT

You may sometimes be hard-pressed to think of good seminar topics. But hosting seminars can help you network and fully utilize relationship marketing. You just need to figure out how to use a seminar topic that will get to clients within the sweet spot.

Often IT professionals choose IT-based topics for their seminar topics. However, the people interested in tech seminars will be in the technology business, and you probably will just attract your competitors rather than potential clients. Offer seminar topics that focus on business problems, and most especially those you can solve and you will get the right response.

The best way to arrive at seminar topics is to be industry-specific. Figure out how you can help businesses within a certain industry and then let them come to you! Your seminar topics can be created for a general audience, but they need to be important specifically to business owners and not techies.

Suggested Seminar Topics:

1. Designing a more modern network;

2. Ways to shop for the best file server;

3. Improving IT security;

4. Increasing IT productivity;

5. Maximizing your return on investment in IT;

6. Computer virus protection;

7. Creating an effective firewall;

8. Protecting your wireless network.

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