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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit in Practice: Robert Lewis and Plato Consulting

The Computer Consulting Kit provides important information, including business templates and strategies, for computer consultants worldwide looking to expand their IT services companies. Whether you are just starting your IT consulting business or have been developing it for years, the Computer Consulting Kit can help you with important issues such as time management, fee structures and how to sign up more clients on long-term service agreements to build more stable relationships, stay competitive and increase the longevity of the business.

The Computer Consulting Kit: How Robert Lewis Generates Leads and Builds Revenue

Robert Lewis is the owner of Plato Consulting, a business based in Cialfin, Kansas, USA. He is currently running his business part-time, and picked up the Computer Consulting Kit to get some ideas about transitioning into a full-time IT services company.

Reading the marketing, sales and time management strategies in the Computer Consulting Kit showed Robert that he was losing out on business because he was not approaching lead generation and customer acquisition in the most effective way.

Robert also used the tools in the Computer Consulting Kit to better organize his rate structures and make them consistent across all services to bring him more financially solvent and bring him one step closer to full time.

“After reading several pieces in the Computer Consulting Kit I realized that I was losing a substantial amount of revenue. Now that I have that issue under control the New Year's project is to start generating new leads and customers and hopefully by the year’s end I can begin doing my business full time and competing with some of the locally established computer service companies.

In 2006 I established a formal SLA and rates. Up to this point it was a hit-or-miss endeavor. After reading your program I knew exactly what I needed to do; I needed to start billing for ALL my services. I was missing a substantial part of my income, and to my surprise my service calls did NOT decrease when I started charging for everything, including phone support.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

If you are a computer consultant like Robert Lewis looking to get paid top rates for your skills and talents, attract high-paying clients and bring your business to the next level, look to the Computer Consulting Kit for tips and templates that can be your road map to success.

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