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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit Put into Practice: Ivan Judd and Photocom NZ, Ltd.

Computer consultants throughout the world are using the practical advice and templates offered by the Computer Consulting Kit. The Computer Consulting Kit outlines tangible strategies for marketing and sales along with templates to help establish rates, handle administrative functions and develop critical service contracts that will attract and keep long-term, steady and high-paying clients.

The Computer Consulting Kit in Wakatane, New Zealand

Ivan Judd, owner of Photocom NZ, Ltd. in Wakatane New Zealand, like many other computer consultants has found himself sometimes in a rut while trying to juggle the many tasks of operating his business and deliver the best services to clients. With suggestions provided by the Computer Consulting Kit about marketing and how to build a trustworthy reputation with clients, he has been able to boost his presence in the community and offer high quality solutions.

Becoming a trusted member of the community, known for offering high quality IT solutions takes time, and by thinking creatively and diversifying techniques for sales and marketing, Ivan has advanced his business and improved the quality of his client relationships.

“Last year we received public acknowledgement that our company is the dominant IT service company in our area. The Computer Consulting Kit enabled me to look at specific solutions with a different perspective, instead of following our previous habit of running around ‘putting out brush fires.’ We were able to earn an additional $30,000 in revenue.”

The Bottom Line of the Computer Consulting Kit

Ivan Judd has learned how to build his reputation within his community with the help of the Computer Consulting Kit and its presentation of practical marketing strategies and organizational tips. Join the many computer consultants worldwide that are learning to make the most of their businesses with free tips and helpful templates and information in the Computer Consulting Kit.

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