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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Selling and Maintaining Computer Service Contracts

Computer service contracts are incredibly intricate and important parts of a business and need to be carefully maintained. Each computer service contract has to be sold with a good and consistent system, and each client needs follow up.

Go to each client with a prepared computer service contract. Base the amount of details you provide on the individual client; if the client likes computer service contracts that are detailed, provide as many details as you can, but if he/she prefers shorter versions, have that ready.

Computer Service Contracts: Time Block Contracts

This type of computer service contract involves a purchase of your time with the hope the client will renew the computer service agreement once the time expires. The basic information required in this type of computer service agreement is the following elements: the normal rate; the discount given for prepayment of the specified number of hours; the length of time the prepaid time block stands; the list of services that are included.

When clients sign time block computer service contracts, push them to use the time quickly. You want clients to realize how much IT affects their daily operations and show them that service contracts can be an essential item. This will encourage purchase of longer periods of time and year-long contracts.

When you have a client on a computer service contract, you want the client t use up time blocks consistently. If the client is not using these blocks up quickly, he/she is just a customer. Clients become customers when they renew their computer service contract time blocks or go to an annual contract.

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