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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Exceeding Customer Expectations with Great Project Management Techniques

Project management issues are often the source of customer expectations. Well-managed projects that are completed the right way and on time will help IT professionals exceed customer expectations.

Tools for Exceeding Customer Expectations

1. Hold a meeting with key decision makers and gurus four times annually to go over completed projects, pending projects and projects not yet started but planned.

2. Go over schedules week by week with clients.

3. Check for scheduling conflicts with clients when examining pending projects. If you want to exceed customer expectations you have to make sure the client’s dealings with you are without a hitch. Projects should be completed at the clients’ convenience rather than at your convenience.

4. When meeting with gurus and decision makers you need to determine if there are outstanding needs. Are there projects that need to be completed within the next 90 days? You need to put clients first if you want to exceed customer expectations. You might have to change your schedule.

5. Clear guidelines are essential. Set up phases and milestones in order to give everyone more control over the project and allow customers to give you feedback.

6. Weekly reports on your progress help to organize offsite work and can contribute to exceeding customer expectations. Many clients have never had this level of service, so you should email once a week even if you are not onsite. These small gestures take very little time and make a big difference.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Well-plotted project management and communication with decision makers and gurus help you exceed customer expectations and take little time, effort or money to execute.

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