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Monday, March 12, 2007

Subcontractors: With Whom Should You Work?

IT consultants frequently use subcontractors to fill in service gaps and get specialists that do not do what they do. Finding the appropriate subcontractors to complete tasks and making sure these subcontractors do not take existing clients are important issues for IT professionals.

Places to Find Subcontractors

The number one way to find subcontractors is by looking at current accounts. Finding subcontractors through client accounts allows you to work with the clients first before you have to deal with subcontractors.

Your business plan should include deciding which services to offer. Each service you decide not to offer should be represented by a qualified niche provider that can help. Subcontractors can be discussed with clients as you find them at networking events, channel seminars, training classes and other places.

You need to be looking for subcontractors all the time and asking questions of people you meet. Ask those you come across if they have relationships or experiences with any niche technology providers that might be opportunities for subcontractors.

Places to Avoid When Looking for Subcontractors

Using an outside IT employment service company is a bad way to find potential subcontractors. The best way to get the highest quality subcontractors is through face-to-face, in person meetings. If you rely on third party methods, you have less control.

What About Subcontractors?

The process of finding subcontractors should be simple if you are networking well. Use all available resources to find the best niche technology providers and improve your service level.

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