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Monday, March 19, 2007

How Much Should an IT Audit Cost?

The best way to price an IT audit is using a fixed price model. The process of choosing the best fixed price to make sure you are not doing work for free but are still being fair to the customer is often a challenge,

Pricing an IT Audit

As previously mentioned, the fixed price strategy is often the best when it comes to pricing IT audits. It can cut profit margins, but it does help to overcome objections to sales during a crucial time. An IT audit is a doorway to further services.

Presenting a fixed-price IT audit shows you are willing to take some risks to make prospects happy and helps build your credibility. IT audit customers will more likely want to do long-term business with you if they perceive you are trustworthy.

Typical Price for an IT Audit

An IT audit for a standard sweet spot client with ten to twenty-five PCs and a single server will be approximately three to four hours of on-site work. If you are charging $125 hourly for client not on service contracts, three-to-four hours would cost about $375 - $500. An already contracted client will be charged $100 per hour or $300 - $400 per IT audit.

To build trust, price an IT audit at rates lower than what you would normally charge. You need to develop a relationship and make the IT audit a proving ground project.

The Main Idea About Pricing IT Audits

Pricing an IT audit accomplishes two things: it gets you paid; it gets a new client. Offer fixed price IT audits to show you are willing to shoulder some risk and build your credibility.

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