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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Establishment of Consulting Contracts with National Service Organizations

The main point to understand about consulting contracts with national service organizations is that you just should not get involved with them. You will most likely spend a lot of time keeping up-to-date with technology; and because hardware repair is a commodity due to the increasing disposability of technology components, you would be wise to avoid consulting contracts with national service organizations altogether.

Consulting Contracts: Computers are Expendible

As an example, a $600 consumer-level PC will not probably be thought of as worth repairs after the warranty expires. Small businesses will not be willing to spend the money on this type of repair and will most likely just purchase a new machine.

Consulting Contracts: Low Labor Allowances

National service organizations are just dealing with warranty repairs on inexpensive hardware, so they will not have much of a labor allowance for consulting contracts when it comes to $1,200 notebooks. Many hardware vendors are struggling so much that they are always about to go out of business, and there are only a select few that are in a good financial position.

Low Profit Margin for Repairs in Consulting Contracts

You can’t expect to make more than fifty or a hundred dollars on a repair. Your best bet for revenue is small businesses in need of sophisticated, regular solutions and consulting contracts.

Why Consulting Contracts with National Service Providers are Not Profitable

If you are a subcontractor for a national service provider you won’t be able to effectively run your consulting business. You will be in eight different offices daily and will not be able to see very good hourly rates.

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