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Saturday, April 21, 2007

IT Sales: Figure Out What Your Clients Need

When you meet for the first time with potential candidates for IT sales, you need to figure out their top three problems. Perhaps the problems your prospects are facing are not the ones you can help solve, and you may need to move on. Regardless, you need to ask clients about problems if you want to achieve IT sales.

What Are Their Preferences?

Get your prospects to discuss what they like and dislike about past IT support experiences. This can give you a better idea of what they will expect of you. The first IT sales meeting is also the time to find out if the prospects have an emergency that needs to be dealt with in the next few days or if they are looking for IT audits, site surveys or tech assessments.

Sometimes prospects will want something different from what you expect; they will not need emergency service nor will they need tech assessments or other types of IT sales, though these items are most often what they will be looking to accomplish.

Get Your Clients to the Next Phase of IT Sales

Moving clients from free to fee, from sitting there and picking your brain in the IT sales call to getting them to write a check or authorize the IT sales means finding out answers to important questions.

Be prepared to offer prospects something concrete as part of the first IT sales call.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg