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Saturday, June 30, 2007

IT Consulting and Business Skills You Need to Thrive

Business skills that go beyond just technical know-how are critical to a strong IT consulting business.

Manage Your Money

You probably know a little bit about finance if you are starting your own IT consulting business. But you need to know how and where to raise funds when things get slow with your business. How much capital will you need? You also have to plan ahead for when you start to run low on funds.

Multi-Tasking is Crucial

IT consulting calls for the ability to work on many projects and with many clients simultaneously. Be prepared to wear many hats when starting your own business and beyond.

Be Able to Negotiate

You will have to lobby and be a sort of politician in order to keep your IT consulting business going. You will need to build consensus among clients and create peace in divided workplace settings. Some parts of the company might want a certain application, while others may not see the necessity. Be diplomatic to provide the best solution.

Be in Control of Every Part of a Project

You have to have good project management skills to run a successful IT consulting business because you will have to combine a lot of different project pieces. You will be involved in purchasing and other elements, so be prepared with good research skills focused on putting together sophisticated networks and solutions.

The Main Point About IT Consulting

Technical skills may be important for IT consulting, but your business skills are what will help keep your company around long term.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg