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Monday, July 02, 2007

IT Consulting: Why the Sweet Spot?

When you work with the sweet spot in IT consulting, you will be handling all a company’s IT needs. You have to know a little about many different topics. You will need to be able to get answers for clients when you don’t know everything ad work to make multi-vendor platform projects work easily.

The Sweet Spot Helps Get You Started

The sweet spot in IT consulting is a great idea for those starting out in the field. If you don’t have great technical skills, you may want to start an IT consulting business at first based on micro small businesses.

Once you get more comfortable with these peer-to-peer accounts, you will start to evolve with their growth and start giving them small business servers, small business suites and others. Eventually your new clients will get bigger and you will ease your way into the sweet spot.

Create a Balance with the Sweet Spot

Your portfolio in IT consulting should be a mixture of big small businesses and sweet spot businesses.

Technical Skills

When starting to ease into sweet spot IT consulting clients, look through your skill list and make notes about strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself which skills are important and work on them a little bit at a time. Your technical skills in IT consulting can’t be your main focus at the beginning if you really want to grow and get paying clients. Your technical skills can be honed later.

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