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Saturday, June 16, 2007

IT Consulting: What Should You Do Before Starting Your Career?

You have to be ready to start a career in IT consulting. But what do you need in terms of certifications, business plans, etc. to begin?

The Importance of Certifications

With small business IT consulting, lack of certifications will not hold you back because the average small business owner will not know the difference between certified and not certified. When you start to sell to an IT team manager in a larger small business, however you will need to have an entry-level certification at the very least and some other specialty certifications.

Do You Need a Business Plan?

A business plan is important for any business, but you shouldn’t let a lack of one hold you back from starting your IT consulting career. Professionals often think they have to have an incredibly sophisticated and long business plan to begin a career, but in reality yours should initially be a 4-page, simple document. Explore issues of competition, growth, payback, positioning and marketing techniques. Sit down and develop a more detailed business plan over a long weekend.

Fictitious Names

A fictitious company name is simply one that does not reflect just you – your first name and last name. It’s a name you select when you decide to go with a company name like ABC Consulting Services or some other name.

When using a fictitious name, choose a name that tells what you do or your strengths. Your business name needs to be developed before you start marketing to others in IT consulting so you can be assured of being taken seriously.

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