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Monday, June 11, 2007

Selling Your Expertise with IT Marketing

Part of successful IT marketing it making yourself stand out from the competition in your local marketplace. If you stress your special expertise when marketing to prospects and leads, you ensure your future clients are buying you and your comprehensive solutions rather than commodities.

Be More Than a Commodity

If you present yourself as a commodity with your IT marketing plan, you will attract low price hunters. Sell your expertise and problem-solving skills and the real value you will bring to a small business client.

Be More of a Presence Than Your Marketing Materials

You need to be sure your website is clear about the fact that you are the owner of your business. Don’t be secretive about the size of your business or try to make it look bigger by keeping IT marketing materials cryptic. Your website and any other materials should clearly display your expertise and background and the background of your staff. Tell people in a unique way how you help small businesses.

The Most Effective IT Marketing Techniques

Many consultants ask, “What is the best and most cost-effective way to get excellent leads?” The key lies in the problem – everyone is going after the same leads with the same old pitch from five years ago. The most effective IT marketing techniques will be unique and have a relevant message.

Differentiate Your IT Marketing Materials

If you think your IT marketing materials are unique enough, perform a simple test. Get a business card out and look at your home page. Look at some business cards and home pages of competitors in your area and see how yours are different or the same. Most people will say the basic, “We sell PC hardware and software, LANs and service.” But how do you distinguish yourself beyond this?

The Bottom Line About a Unique Marketing Message

Do you want to compete against a dozen competitors or a few hundred? If you make your IT marketing message unique, you can narrow the playing field and make your life a lot simpler as a consultant.

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