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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Partnering Helps You Manage Clients Beyond Your Expertise

Eventually you will have to have partnering relationships with other tech providers in your area. You will need non-competing partnering opportunities to help you fulfill the needs of your clients.

Be the Virtual Solution for Clients

You might get requests from clients for work beyond your experience. This is the time partnering will come in handy. You may be a great generalist and excellent at setting up LANs; but your client might all of a sudden need a more complicated WAN infrastructure.

Partnering Helps Your Clients

Delivering a complete virtual IT solution is an essential part of being a competent tech provider. You need to have relationships with people that can fill in the gaps of your service offerings.

Dealing with Customers’ Needs

If you don’t have partnering relationships with subcontractors or other experts and you run into prospects with needs you can’t meet, you could find yourself with some questions. Do you tell prospective clients about your gaps, or do you look for partnering opportunities?

What Needs Can You Meet?

You should have a list of the typical services you will provide to small businesses and then think forward to which services clients might need that you can’t offer. Meet with prospective partners and interview subcontractors to help enhance your services. You should have three-to-five people ready to help clients as issues arise.

The Main Idea About Partnering Relationships

Be honest about your skills with clients. Partnering can help fill in service gaps and provide comprehensive virtual IT solutions for clients.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg