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Friday, June 08, 2007

What Must IT Consultants Know?

IT consultants looking for sweet spot small businesses need to be aware of the fact that these companies will need someone that has good hardware skills. You should know about RAID and multi-port communications adapters.

Necessary Background

IT consultants working with sweet spot clients need to know about storage-attached networks, network-attached storage, mid-range data back-up systems, DAT, DL2, UPS’s, power protection products, routers, CSU’s, VSU’s, advance wi-fi hardware and support devices for roaming and management.

Know the Systems Well

Supporting small businesses as IT consultants means knowing networking software and having excellent networking skills. You also need to be very familiar with the server OS’s. Sweet spot small businesses are hiring you because they want someone to do network design, installation and on-going support and maintenance.

What Are They Using?

IT consultants need to know how to use Microsoft Windows server, Microsoft Small Business server, Novell Netware, Novell Small Business Suite and Red Hat. Small business also often use client server messaging, so you need to learn Microsoft Exchange server and Novell GroupWise.

Accounting applications will also be important for IT consultants. CRM applications, web servers like Microsoft IS and Apache will also be seen.

Tools for IT Consultants

IT consultants should also know about web authoring tools like Microsoft Front Page and Macromedia Dream Weaver. If you are serving small businesses with Windows, you should know about terminal services. Also know network faxing, performance monitoring, virtual private networking, BPM’s and RAX.

IT consultants that deal with small businesses should know about advanced virus protection and be able to work with security like intrusion detection and firewalls.

The Main Point About IT Consultants’ Knowledge

IT consultants working with small businesses need to know about 25 – 50% of the things mentioned previously in order to work with sweet spot small businesses.

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