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Friday, June 01, 2007

PC Recycling: What Are These Programs About?

In previous years, your clients would not have had issues finding those that would take used PCs for PC recycling. After about five years, they would have probably given the PCs to employees or sold them to employees for low prices. Others may have donated them to local schools, charities or non-profits.

PC Recycling Changes

The past several years have seen great changes in PC recycling programs. Sixty percent of households now have at least one PC, and schools and charities get almost too many PC donations and thus have to be selective about accepting equipment. Many areas also have strict rules about disposal of PCs in dumpsters.

Find a PC Recycling Program

The following resources can help you and clients abide by environmental rules as you dispose of hardware. (Visit the link attached to this article to see url’s and to get more information.)

1. Dell Asset Recovery Services

2. EIA Environment: Consumer Education Initiative (CEI)

3. Recycle/Donate Your Old PC

4. HP Environment: Return and Recycling

5. IBM PC Recycling Service

6. International Association of Electronics Recyclers

7. National Safety Council (U.S.) EPR2 Project Electronic Equipment Recyclers

The Bottom Line About PC Recycling Programs

If you still can’t find an appropriate PC recycling program because any of the above are no longer valid when you read this article, start at the home page of the website and look for related links.

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