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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can You Hire Help for Your Small Business Computer Consulting Firm?

If you are a relatively new small business computer consulting company, one of your biggest questions might be, “What type of technical staff should I put on payroll?” Before you even consider putting anyone on staff, you need to be realistic.

The type of people you can put on payroll will depend upon your market. What kind of technical person will you be able to find for your small business computer consulting firm? Will you be able to find someone with good technical skills if your technical salary budget is just $37,500 annually?

You Have to Get Help that is QUALIFIED

Small business computer consulting clients with 10-50 PCs will start to have much more advanced needs. You will not be able to send in a technician with very basic skills. You absolutely need to hire high-level support.

What Can You Offer?

You need to figure out what type of business-to-business salesperson you can find for your small business computer consulting firm if your salary offering can only be about $27,500 per year. The extra $10,000 will have to go towards marketing techniques such as direct mail, organization and network meetings, sponsoring events and seminars.

The Main Idea About Small Business Computer Consulting

If you can only afford very low salaries, you are probably not ready to hire additional staff to your small business computer consulting firm. Wait until the business is built up more to start adding to your firm.

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