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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Should Your Computer Consulting Clients Be Micro Small Businesses?

You have to be very careful when providing computer consulting services to micro small businesses. You will most likely end up with some non-billable hours. However, if you have a larger base of computer consulting clients you can handle losses much more easily.

Bigger Clients Make Losses Easier to Swallow

If you have a computer consulting customer billing $2,000 annually, and you have to not get paid for a $500 job, you will have given up 25 percent of your total billing for that customer. However, if you are earning $10,000 from a client and have to do the same job, it’s not devastating. Essentially, the bigger the client, the better off you are when you come across non-billable time.

Are You Getting Sidetracked by Micro Business Computer Consulting Clients?

If computer consulting for micro businesses is taking away from finding better business and sweet spot clients, you have to change your plan. You have to give yourself time to go after high quality sweet spot clients that have at least 10 systems, a real server and the ability to pay for $5,000 - $10,000 annually in steady services.

Keep Your Eye on Larger Computer Consulting Clients

You need to stop depending upon micro small businesses to build your revenue, because it’s never going to be possible. You have to start signing up larger clients to realize the full potential of your computer consulting business.

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