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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Locating Computer Consulting Sweet Spot Clients for Your Business

If you want to get computer consulting clients that will spend $1,000 or $2,000 monthly on services, you need to evaluate each prospect and client.

Ask yourself the following computer consulting qualifying questions:

1. Is the prospect/client big enough for a real server, firewall, backup solution and offsite or online backup?

2. Does the computer consulting prospect/client need a focus on security, power protection and virus protection?

3. Does the prospect/client need an on-going, real professional for IT needs and network support?

Your best computer consulting clients will not be able to have simply volunteers or even a moonlighter. Small businesses that are sweet spot computer consulting clients will get larger, have more PCs and have a lot more revenue to worry about if systems crash.

Who is Able to Pay for Your Services?

Sweet spot computer consulting clients will be able to pay you consistently for on-going support. You will be on-site twice a month, get emergency support phone calls and conduct remote support. You will be an outsourced IT department.

What Does a Sweet Spot Computer Consulting Client Look Like?

Your ideal clients will have more than just a P2P network. They will need to be big enough computer consulting clients that downtime will be expensive and a major blog to their company.

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