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Monday, October 15, 2007

What Are Your Network Cabling Choices?

When you are acting as an IT consultant for small businesses, you will have to talk about the differences between network cabling options with your clients and prospects.

Some Different Types of Network Cabling Choices

1. Traditional Wired Ethernet (CAT 5): Category 5 network cabling was the standard for all types of business LANs until recently. Today, there are many different types of enhancements to this product and also wireless solutions. You can get an estimate from vendors for CAT 5 cabling from a local data cabling vendor that can install a system to run to each office or desk.

2. Wireless Ethernet Based on 802.11b (11Mbps): This type of network cabling is a pretty advanced standard that offers up to 11Mbps service. Even though wireless networking hardware is much more expensive than wired, your clients end up saving on installation costs associated with regular wired services. Wireless Ethernet has some problems though, because the standards between products within the range are still new, so you can have trouble with connecting products from different vendors. And because security standards are still in progress, wireless encryption is pretty easy to hack.

Some Tips for Network Cabling Options

Make sure the network cabling job is done “to spec.” Most reputable Category 5 cable installers can give you hard copy reports of CAT 5 certification tests to make sure you did the job well.

In order to string together traditional wired Ethernet networks based on CAT 5 network cabling, your clients will need to buy a 10/100Mbps Ethernet hub or switch and a card for each PC. These products are inexpensive and can help you create great small business networks.

The Main Idea about Cable Networking

Even if your consulting firm doesn’t deal in network cabling work, you need to get involved in the design specifications and supervise the work to provide a streamlined solution for your small business clients.

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