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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finding Sweet Spot Computer Consulting Clients

If you want to do great business with your computer consulting business, you need to decide to work with the sweet spot of small businesses.

But how do you decide who fits into this category? How do you really figure out which prospects will bring you enough recurring revenue to be real sweet spot clients?

What Are the Signs of Sweet Spot Computer Consulting Clients?

Sweet spot clients are located no more than 30-50 minutes driving distance from your home base. You want to be able to get plenty of face time with them and get there quickly in emergencies. You don’t want to have to sit in traffic and waste valuable billing hours.

Finding Local Sweet Spot Clients

To get great computer consulting prospects, you can rent direct mail lists that provide information on businesses in the range of 0 – 50 miles or 0 – 80 kilometers. You can also join local organizations located within a half an hour or an hour of your business.

How Big Are These Clients?

Computer consulting sweet spot clients have 10 – 50 computers, 10 – 100 employees and a million to 10 million dollars in sales. You can also find sweet spot clients by going through local accounting firms and other trusted business advisors. You are going to fall into this “trusted advisors” category too, so you should position yourself right in the middle of it from the beginning.

Well-Connected Businesses

Sweet spot computer consulting clients have strong relationships with other business advisors, typically through outsourcing. They will have relationships with attorneys, accountants, advertising consultants, graphic designers and others, and so they already value the type of relationship you are trying to develop.

Get to sweet spot small business clients in computer consulting by going through companies with which they will work at networking events.

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