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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Computer Consulting: Find Your Prospects

Finding your prospects among all your computer consulting leads can be a challenge, but there are some things you can look for that will help you narrow the selection process down significantly. Narrowing your computer consulting focus is one technique, but there some other big strategies.

Three Different Audience Sizes

How big should the companies you target with your computer consulting business be? One arena is the micro small business market – companies that just have a few PCs, a small number of employees. This size is challenging for computer consulting because these businesses are not typically looking for IT support.

The sweet spot of computer consulting is the nest step up and is typically the most popular target area amidst professionals. Computer consultants do well in this area of 10 – 50 PCs. At this size of company, professionals will find that downtime is more expensive and as a computer consulting expert, you can make a strong case when selling them on your services by explaining to them how costly technology problems can be.

The next step up is the borderline of the small business market and the bottom of medium-sized businesses. At this stage, you might find IT services bills that approach the same amount as a full-time, salaried IT manager. They will no longer need to outsource generalist computer consulting roles, because they will do better with an on-site person.

If you want to really narrow down your computer consulting focus and find good prospects, you need to define your ideal client and target.

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