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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Do You Overcome Computer Repair Business Sales Objections

If you are running a computer repair business, chances are you face challenges when it comes to overcoming client sales objections.

There are some common sales objections you might hear when you are selling networks to small business prospects, customers and clients and dealing with the ins and outs of a computer repair business.

Where Does the Problem Begin?

Typically, you start to run into objections when you talk about network upgrades and sophisticated technology services. At this point, small business prospects for your computer repair business will start to really focus on how much it’s going to cost them.

But do they understand the soft costs of not investing early in a real, advanced network? There are dangerous consequences such as lost employee productivity that results from cutting corners, downtime and service costs from computer consultants when dead-end solutions are chosen just because they don’t cost a lot of money.

Even if you do a thorough job with your initial consultation, IT audit, site survey and reports, you are going to have to face some client objections before making that final leap into a long-term client relationship.

Why Does Your Computer Repair Business Have to Overcome Objections?

One minor concern can ruin a whole sale, so you have to have great business development skills to help you overcome any objections. When you have the right strategies, you will be less apt to get emotional, defensive or annoyed. You will be more focused and able to figure out how to best solve complicated prospect problems and close your sale so you can get paying clients.

Sales Objection 1: Apathy

If small business owners are apathetic about networks, you might face weeks, months or years before they feel urgent enough about their computer repair business needs to hire you. But, when you know the roots, you will be able to push the process along. (For examples, visit the link to the corresponding article at the end of this blog entry!)

Network Reliability Can Overcome Sales Objections in the Computer Repair Business

PC/LAN network reliability might be questioned when a P2P server randomly shuts down and restarts because a specific software setup program decided to reboot.

P2P networks do not protect data. If it isn’t protected with fault tolerant hard drives, a tape backup drive, a server-class UPS and regularly updated virus-protection software, a P2P network can be a real disaster. Sometimes this can work to your advantage when you are facing apathy by when some divine intervention happens and a lightning storm, blackout or other disaster happens to show prospects just how unreliable their current setups are.

Catastrophic Data Loss Can Be Your Best Friend

Catastrophic data loss is a horrible situation for prospects and clients, but can really motivate them to overcome their apathy and hire your computer repair business to help them with sophisticated server solutions. All of a sudden, the people that were wavering about accepting your help and solutions will be really interested in your suggestions about networking which features centralized security and data protection (the very thing that could’ve prevented their catastrophe).

Discontinued Technical Support and Your Potential Computer Repair Business Clients

You can also overcome apathy-related sales objections by talking about discontinued technical support, particularly when it comes to vertical, industry-specific software: niche applications designed for accountants; software for attorneys, physicians, realtors, auto body shops, restaurants, etc.

Eventually, an ISV selling this software will stop offering tech support, updates and patches, and then what? You can be the person that solves these problems for them by being the person that will take over that sort of maintenance and support.

The Main Idea about Overcoming Sales Objections and Your Computer Repair Business

If you are working with computers and small businesses, you need to have great sales skills to overcome sales objections.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg