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Monday, August 25, 2008

Computer Repair Books: Encourage Your Staff to Read More and Learn about High-End Network Installations

As a computer repair business owner, if you want your staff to be happier with their jobs, earn more per hour and stay with you long term, you have to encourage each member to read computer repair books and do other activities that will help them learn about high-end network installations.

Higher-end solutions are worth more per hour, so why wouldn’t your staff want to enjoy this perk that can be as easy as reading a little every week or practicing on not-for-resale software, etc.? Most of your technical staff will have the basic skills to set up small LANs, do troubleshooting, cleanup jobs and desktop rollouts. But you need to start booking some of their time to work on honing skills that will be useful for long-term projects.

Keep Your Staff Happy through Professional Gratification

When you encourage your staff to read computer repair books to help hone sophisticated skills, you move them towards advanced networking projects. “Techies” enjoy working on difficult projects that tax their knowledge and will be frustrated if they spend time getting certified and reading up on complex subjects and then have to just rescue lost Microsoft Office toolbars or tell people to reboot, disconnect and reconnect.

When You Challenge, You RETAIN

When you encourage your staff members to read computer repair books and take certification exams and then put new skills to use in the field, you have a lot happier employees. They are working at their technical peak and feel challenged and will enjoy working for you and not look elsewhere for better opportunities. Training becomes an excellent retention tool.

Encourage Long-Term Client Relationships

When your staff members have high-end technical skills obtained through reading and training, they will be ready to engage in long-term client relationships as part of complex projects and end up being more excited about what they do. They get to know clients very well, get attached and want to stay with you and your company.

Today we talked about how computer repair books and other types of training can help your computer repair business staff thrive. To learn more about this subject – and many more subjects – visit the attached link!

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