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Monday, August 18, 2008

Three Important Computer Repair Tools for Your Business

When you start your own computer repair business that serves the sweet spot of computer consulting (businesses with 10-50 systems or employees), you will come across businesses with different needs, which means you will have to come up with computer repair tools to help you solve your clients’ biggest problems. The following three types of computer repair tools for your business can help you best serve clients.

1. Know with which tasks your clients will need help. Typically you will need to have computer repair tools that help you deal with applications like Microsoft Office, Intuit QuickBooks, Interact ACT! and hardware upgrades. Clients will need help with their shared folder backup software and antivirus and firewall software. You might have to do work with PDAs, syncing them and helping the work with Microsoft Outlook. And of course, expect to help with networks.

2. Remember that your micro small business clients will have very different needs. If you choose to work with these small businesses that have less than 10 PCs, you won’t need to worry about having advanced computer repair tools or certifications. In fact, the more experienced you are, the more unappealing it will be for these clients because they will worry they are paying too much for simple tasks.

3. Think LESS about certifications with the sweet spot. You will only really run into people looking for advanced computer repair tools once you get past the sweet spot into businesses that have 50 or more systems. These clients will usually have real IT managers and will know what different certification levels mean. If you’re dealing with basic computer repair you will probably not run into this situation because these types of companies will be looking for deeply-niched experts and specialists and not more general work.

Today we talked about three computer repair tools you should think about when working with “sweet spot” clients. To learn more about this topic, visit the attached link!

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