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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Don't Live in the 90's with Computer Consulting Marketing

In the 1990’s, certifications were really important in computer consulting. Many computer consulting professionals used their affiliations with major computer companies to sell their services.

Today, computer consulting professionals don’t lead off by talking about their important partnerships because they don’t want to be just one more person selling the company’s products. They want to be their own computer consulting companies.

No More Benefits of Major Partnerships?

In the 90’s, you got a lot of co-op advertising and other benefits when you were part of a partner program. But today, as the benefits disappear, there is really no reason financially to put logos for major computer companies all over the place. You want to spend time branding yourself instead of just focusing on your solutions.

Which Products Do You Know?

When you get new computer consulting prospective clients and are talking them through the qualification stages, you will want to recommend solutions that are within your comfort zone. If you are authorized to belong to a program, you will recommend that solution, but you don’t want to make this product or platform the focus of your marketing campaign.

You Are More Than a Commodity

If you start relationships with prospects by talking about platforms or products, you become just a commodity and you base your benefits on price. Why should prospects buy their NetWare license from you if buying it online or through mail order is cheaper? You don’t want to be part of a bidding war.

Don’t use 90’s-style marketing when working on your computer consulting business and instead think about what you can really do for clients.

Submitted By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit