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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What about the Initial Computer Consulting Consultation?

In computer consulting, the first meeting should have a mind-set of “pre-sales” rather than sales. You need to make yourself stand out amidst all the other computer consulting professionals by taking a real interest in prospects’ businesses and problems. Then you need to find out whether or not your type of solutions will work for them.

What’s the Deal with Your Prospects?

In some cases, you may find out some things about your prospects that makes having them work with your computer consulting firm a bad idea. You need to think of the first computer consulting meeting as an interview; you are interviewing your prospect and your prospect is interviewing you. If you find odd information out about your prospect during the course of your homework, you probably don’t want to get involved.

Time = Money

The first computer consulting meeting involves some time. You will need about a half hour or an hour to put together a packet of information for prospects. Then you will most likely have to drive to the site for about half an hour to an hour. And because you can expect your computer consulting meeting to start or finish later than expected, even with totally efficient practices, you should think of it as about two or three hours.

How does time equate to money? If you are billing $75 per hour for computer consulting, you can expect to invest about $225 in an initial computer consulting call prior to gas, mileage, parking and tolls. You need to be sure your computer consulting prospect is right for your business by qualifying and doing your homework.

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