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Monday, October 01, 2007

IT Marketing: The Right Lead Generator

Lead generation is an important part of running a successful IT marketing campaign and can actually make or break the future of your company.

To whom should you delegate this important IT marketing task? It really should not go to anyone except you, a spouse or a very trusted business partner. Your clients are buying a service, your personality, your reputation and word of mouth. When they are buying “you,” you need to make sure they understand what they are getting.

IT Marketing and Your Responsibility

You can’t make your personal service into a commodity, so you should only delegate when absolutely necessary. Make the contacts in the community and get the word out about your available solutions with your IT marketing plan and take no shortcuts. If you need to delegate, technical aspects of handling accounts is probably the only task you should relinquish.

Virtual IT Marketing and a Single Point of Contact

When you are a “virtual IT” professional, you should be the single point of contact. People need to get to know you, because you are the owner, the personality and the whole thing. Sell “You, Inc.” as consulting services, network support services, or however you plan to market it. Let people get to know you personally as part of your IT marketing plan.

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