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Monday, November 12, 2007

Choose the Right Handheld Devices

If you want to advise your clients the right way when it comes to handheld devices, there are some tips you can follow that will help you avoid irritating tech support issues.

Handheld Devices: Be Smart!

You need to tell clients to be careful when they are thinking about buying new handheld devices that have yet to be proven on the market. There can be major design and software bugs that haven’t been fixed yet within the first three or six months after a product is released. Your best bet is to let someone else deal with the frustration of being an early adopter.

Also, get software, peripherals and accessories bundled with your handheld device purchase. This will save money and time on installation and improve your chances at compatibility.

What Are You Buying?

You should pay close attention to the vendor support options for handheld devices. Tech support and warrantees are not all the same. WHO you are buying something from is often as important – or even MORE important – than what you are buying.

Also advise clients to check for compatibility with their operating systems. If your clients’ offices are tied to a specific version of Microsoft Windows or any other operating system, you should advise them to buy handheld devices that can sync up their data well.

The Main Idea about Handheld Devices

You should insist that your clients purchase handheld devices that are well connected. USB interfaces are the easiest to configure and work with when you encounter problems and also offer the best performance. Steer clear of older, legacy serial interfaces when you can.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg